The Farmer



My Friend


My friend’s name is friend

Kurt is seven years old.

His hair and eyes are brown.

He is a tall boy.

Kurt lives in Sannat like me.

He goes to Sannat Primary School.

Kurt is in year 3.

He can read and write very well.

My friend likes to play football.

Kurt is a good boy.

by Kristin Pisani

The Skateboard


I have an orange skateboard.                         j0354714

The skateboard has four wheels.         

The skateboard has yellow wheels.

It is nice.

I like to ride my skateboard.

                                                                      by Thomas William

Mum’s Car


Mum has a red car.

mum's car

mum's car

The car is nice.

It runs very fast.

The car’s name is Suzuki.

Mum keeps the car clean.

I like mum’s car.

Mum keeps her car in the garage.

The car shines in the sun.

We go shopping with this car.

Mum’s car is small and lovely.

                                                              by Maximus Sam


Basket Beary


This spider lives on a web.                                             Basket Beary

Basket Beary plays with the basketball.

Other spiders are big.

Beary and his friends are very happy.

All the spiders gather near eachother.

The animals are very happy.

                                                                                                      by Tania

The Mammoth


The mammoth’s name is Peter.



The mammoth is big.

The mammoth has long tusks.

The mammoth has a long trunk.

by Austin-Lee

 It was a lovely rabbit. 

Alice and Rabbit

Alice and Rabbit

The rabbit was wearing clothes. 

The rabbit is late. 

The coat is green. 

The gloves are white. 

The white rabbit is looking at his yellow watch. 

The little girl is very happy. 

The rabbit has a red nose.

                                                                        by Maria